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1. What are the association fees?


By-laws specify that association fees are _____ equaling _____ annually.


2. Specifically what does the fee cover?


Management fees, On-site Manager, On-site Maintenance, Payroll Taxes, Employee Benefits, Maintenance, Repairs, Supplies, Exterior Insurance, Common Area Utilities, Curbside Trash Disposal, Lawn & Snow Care, Telephone and Answering Service for Clubhouse, Clubhouse's cable service, Office Supplies, Accounting and Legal, Miscellaneous, Replacement Reserve.


3. What expenses will the homeowner have in addition to Association fees?


Real Estate taxes, gas, electric, cable, water/sewer, condominium insurance for content/interior.


4. What are the starting prices and square footage of the units?


The Westport is a 1-bedroom unit starting at _____ with approx. 837 sq. ft.

The New Haven is a 2-bedroom unit starting at _____ with approx. 1255 sq. ft.

The Windham is a 3-bedroom unit starting at _____ with approx. 1566 sq. ft.

The Fairfield is a 3-bedroom unit starting at _____ with approx. 1516 sq. ft.


5. What are the estimated taxes?


The mileage rate for Garfield township is at _____ homestead and _____ for non-homestead. Multiply the price of your unit by this number and divide in half.


Example - $160,900 x .028 = $4,505.20
$4,505.20 divided by 2 = $2,252.60 = homestead tax


Example - $160,900 x .046 = $7,401.40
$7,401.40 divided by 2 = $3,700.70 = non-homestead


6. Can an owner have satellite TV for their condominium?


Yes. Installation approved by management.


7. Is the garage an extra cost?


No. Each unit will have its own garage and an additional designated parking space.


8. How much lake frontage on Boardman Lake is there?


470 feet of shared frontage will be shared among members by way of an easement. Decks, fire pit, and docks will also be shared amenities amongst members.


9. Can an owner have a boat, canoe, kayak, etc.?


Yes. Owners are allowed to use the docks for loading and unloading of passengers. Boats may not be stored on dock.


10. Is there a Clubhouse?


Premier Place offers a 2400 sq ft clubhouse with amenities such as: Kitchen, Pool, Exercise room and Gathering/Activity area. In order to rent clubhouse for private use, owners must place a security deposit with management and fill out proper forms. This is based on a first come first serve basis.


11. What is the size of the pool? And what are the hours of use?


The pool is 20x40 and as deep as 5 feet. The hours of use will be from _____ until _____ with no lifeguard on duty at any time.


12. Can I rent my condominium? What are the rental restrictions?


Yes. Premier Place offers an excellent management program available to owners. All rentals must go through Premier Place property management as stated in the by-laws.


13. Can I have an RV, boat, or extra car stored on the premises?


No recreational vehicles may be stored on property. There are additional assigned parking spaces per unit that allows for second car or motorcycle.


14. How much more is a unit with a basement?


Each unit includes a full basement at no extra cost.


15. How will I know the timeline when my building will be completed?


New construction can have delays or setbacks sometimes. Please be aware that completion dates may vary.


16. What are my options for main floor living?


Our 1 bedroom unit is a ranch style unit offering a kitchen, dining, living, bedroom and bath all on the main floor. We also offer a 3 bedroom unit with a floor plan consisting of a main level bedroom and full bath with the two additional bedrooms and shared bath upstairs.


17. What is the capacity of the clubhouse?


50 persons


18. What is the capacity of the pool?


45 persons


19. Are pets allowed?


Owners are restricted to having two domesticated pets of the dog and cat variety. This means one cat and one dog, or two dogs, or two cats. All animals MUST be leashed with owner. No dog/cat runs or fenced in areas are allowed on premises. Renters are not allowed to have pets..




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